I’m About To Write Some Bad Lyrics: Part 7— Billy Cheatham Wuvs His Fweedoms

Kevin Froleiks
3 min readDec 31, 2021


Track seven on my new album, Homemade Nonsense, is based on the melody of a traditional bluegrass tune called Bill Cheatham. I’ve always loved bluegrass and do play the banjo relatively well, but recently I was trying to learn guitar flatpicking. I’m not very good at it but I did work up the chops to pick Bill Cheatham the way Doc Watson or Tony Rice would…or at least a dumbed-down version of how they would. Anyways, one day I just started singing to myself and making myself laugh (it’s called “my process”) and I turned the melody into a song about the libertarian type of people I grew up around in New Hampshire who love their rights and think any request to be a decent person infringes on their personal freedoms. I think they sound like babies, so I sang the song like a baby.

If the lyrics strike your fancy, I’d love it if you considered pre-ordering my album on Bandcamp or iTunes or pre-save it to your Spotify account! Look for the official release on January 7, 2022!

Billy Cheatham Wuvs His Fweedoms

Oh my name is Billy Cheatham
And I wuv my widdle fweedoms
I don’t wanna pay taxes
Don’t wanna get vaxes
And I’m not tired don’t need to take a napses

I’m just a widdle baby
I don’t know my right from wrong
I just wanna stay up the whole dang night
And play my widdle song

No I don’t like to wear my seatbelts
I don’t wike to wear a helmets
And I’m not scared of any men
Except the scary government

But I’m a big strong boy
And all I need’s my widdle toys
So pretty please, don’t tread on me
As I play my song again

Oh I’m a widdle whiny baby
And you better believe
That I’ll throw a widdle tantrum
If you inconvenience me

Even though I am an adult
Speaking strictly physically
I am mentally a stupid child
Selfish as can be

Oh my name is Billy Cheatham
And I will fight for all my fweedoms
It’s all about me
I don’t care about you
Oh no my diaper’s full of poo

This widdle baby needs a changing
But I refuse to change at all
So I’ll just sit in my stinky filth
And play my widdle song

Hailing from New Hampshire and living in New York City, Kevin Froleiks is a failed stand-up comedian turned failing musician. His music tends to jump from genre to genre in ways that are disorienting and hard to market effectively. He is a true DIY artist, recording and producing his music entirely in his bedroom. He is the writer and composer of the forthcoming Vampire’s Kiss: The Musical as well as the co-writer and composer of Great Frontier: A Poorly Researched Musical About Lewis And Clark which premiered at the New York Theatre Fest in the summer of 2017. His newest album, Homemade Nonsense, comes out on January 7th on Bandcamp and all streaming services.



Kevin Froleiks

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